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Salvo Art Menu

Smart Phone photography (adult)

We will learn how to hold our “camera” properly, what else we need (tripod, extra lens, remote control etc.), how to sift through thousands of apps and pick the right one. We will go to different locations to tackle different shooting requirements and take pictures at night in Saint Augustine. New to this class will be how to cover a story magazine style; so your photos will tell a story. To round it off, we will explore still-life photography. Using readily available lights, we will photograph people with your Smartphone, without distorting their faces.

Starting October 6th | Instructor Wolfgang Obst

Every Tuesday | 10:00a – 1:00p | $175/8 weeks

Neo Nabis Painting Group (adult)

Before there where the wild beasts…there was the Nabis. 7 weeks of 3 hour sessions. I’ll explain when you get here.

Starting September 29th | Instructor JJ Graham

Every Tuesday | 11:00a – 2:00p | $200/7 weeks

After School Drawing and Painting (kids)

I feel the best way to teach art, especially with youth, is to guide them to become their own teacher, by encouraging observation and urging a creative response. I prefer teaching by demonstration rather than theory.

Starting September 8th | Instuctor JJ Graham

Every Tuesday | 5:00p – 7:00p | $80/6 weeks

Art For Homeschoolers (ages 6-12)

In teaching this class, I wish to allow these young students to take a journey with me, as we explore our creativity through painting, drawing & sculpture.

Starting September 30th | Instructor JJ graham

Every Wednesday | 11:00a – 1:00p | $50/ month

WORKSHOP – Fibre Reactive Silk Painting


Techniques with color applied to silk: Join me for a wonderful workshop filled with fun and creativity, with an emphasis on personal exploration. I’ll encourage you to let go and have a good time, discover how you can express yourself with color and silk. Everyone will leave the workshop with a painted silk scarf. Our goal will be to set up a positive nonjudgmental outcome so that you can enjoy and create in the workshop. You will creatively flow in your own direction – bring memories, pictures, or objects for your inspiration – or just be spontaneous! We will start out by talking about the various techniques you will use the workshop: some basic color theory instruction to prepare, design, color, dye, and finish your silk scarf. Each student will finish a 15” x 60” scarf.

April 30th-May 1st | Instructor Carol Baker

April 30th | 9:30a – 3:00p & May 1st | 1:00p – 3:00p |  $140 + $40 material

Private lessons are available for Oil and acrylic and can be arranged ( these focus primarily on learning and understanding the materials and tools available.)